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À la Carte

Sail into our à la carte menu to discover specialties topped by the daily catch seafood offer provided by local fishermen from the island of Vis, as well as other popular fish and meat dishes, cold and warm starters which include homemade traditional pasta and gnocchi, followed by delicious signature desserts. Opt for Restaurant Adriatic, where taste and sight merge in one sensory experience.

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Cold Starters

  • Tuna Tartare

    wasabi mayonnaise, rocket chips, parsley emulsion

  • Raw Platter

    European bass with prosciutto, cuttlefish, shrimp tail, Mediterranean scallop, salmon with salted panna cotta, tuna

  • Octopus Salad

    fava bean, chickpeas, red onion, cherry tomatoes

  • Cheese Selection / Dalmatian Prosciutto

    for two people

  • Beef Tagliata

    baked cheese, cherry tomato, lettuce, mustard and orange sauce

  • Beefsteak Tartare for two people

    butter, bread

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  • Komiža’s Fisherman’s Soup

    shrimp tails, Mediterranean mussels

  • Creamy Pumpkin and Carrot Soup

    sour cream, flavored croutons

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Hot Starters

  • Macaroni alla Busara

    warty venus, shrimp tails, scampi

  • Shrimp-Tail Tempura Served with Kadaif

    corn salad, rocket salad, orange, fava beans, cherry tomatoes, mayonnaise dressing

  • Homemade mini gnocchi with salmon and shrimp

    courgettes, fennel, prosciutto, cherry tomatoes

  • Shrimp Risotto

    shrimp tails, pine nuts

  • Black Cuttlefish Risotto
  • Istrian Fuži (LocalHomemade Pasta) with Black Truffle

    prosciutto, Prosecco, black truffle, rocket salad

  • Spring Rolls

    shrimp, chicken, sweet and sour sauce

  • Beefsteak Macaroni

    slices of steak, mushrooms, bacon, walnuts, cherry tomatoes, spring onions

  • Noodles with pistachios

    smoked mussels, prawns, monkfish, cherry tomatoes, pistachios

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Fish Dishes

  • First Class White Fish 1 kg

    gregada, brodetto or grilled

  • Sailor’s Gregada (daily catch)
  • European Spiny Lobster / European Lobster 0,5 kg

    brodetto with Korčula's homemade macaroni or grilled

  • Tuna Fillet
  • Squid Brodetto Served with Black Polenta
  • Sea Bass Fillet

    baby spinach, potato, cherry tomatoes, tomato sauce with olives and capers

  • Scampi 1 kg

    grilled, brodetto, alla busara

  • Squid 0,5 kg

    grilled, fried

  • Clams alla Busara
  • Octopus and squid brodetto

    grilled polenta, onion and orange marmalade, flavored fresh cheese

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Meat Dishes

  • ​​Grilled Beefsteak
  • Adriatic Beefsteak

    beefsteak, baked bacon, mozzarella, quail egg, mashed potatoes, porcini mushrooms cream

  • Lamb Rack

    new potatoes, bacon, cherry tomatoes, spring onions, demi-glace sauce

  • Dalmatian Pašticada

    stewed beef dish cooked in special sauce, homemade little gnocchi

  • Rumpsteak

    baby potatoes with rosemary, vegetable stir-fry

  • Veal Steak

    mushrooms, sour cream, red cabbage with apple, sweet potato puree

  • Beef Wok

    courgettes, red pepper, red onion, basmati rice, pumpkin and carrot cream

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  • Chocolate Souffle

    vanilla sauce, black olives

  • Unfinished Strudel

    vanilla cream, grated apples, crispy puff pastry, white chocolate sauce

  • Snickers Ball

    Nutella, white chocolate and peanut cream, caramel

  • Pancakes Made by Grandma Smiljka’s Recipe

    vanilla ice cream, butter, bread crumbs


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